Basement Bar Ideas

5 Ideas for Your Home Basement Bar

Basement Bar

Basement Bar

Basement bar ideas come in a variety of forms as basement bars are very popular because they give a convenient and comfortable place at home. It is a place where you can enjoy the company of your families and friends. Basement bars are often built usually with a game room or home entertainment area where you need to entertain guest or visitors. Below you will find a few ideas of basement bars that you can use:


Sports Bar: One excellent basement bar idea that you can use is creating a sports bar as both men and women are longing to have this type of a basement bar. It is a great place for gathering friends and family. Drink a few beers, watch your favorite sports games, or just have a nice place for a chat or conversation for catching up on new things, and more. To make your basement into a sports bar, you will need to invest a bit such as a large screen HD or LED television, which can be hung or place on a nearby wall. Provide comfortable seating like bar stools or sofas and hang sports posters and team banners, celebrity sports figures, and a big clock for ambiance.


Wine Bar: This basement bar idea is a much more sophisticated and elegant bar choice, which is typically favored in upscale homes. You can put wine refrigerators in to the bar and build a convenient wine cellar behind the bar as wine parties are becoming a popular trend, you can have a wine tasting in your wine bar. It is an excellent option if you are a wine collector or a wine connoisseur yourself.


Game Room Bar: Another popular basement bar idea is a game room bar, as one popular spots for game rooms are the basements. Having a basement bar inside your game room will be a great idea. Provide some dartboards and hang them next to the bar, a poker table with comfortable seats or a billiard pool will a nice touch. Put some matching colors with the bar and the furniture to compliment one another, and even though it can look very traditional, hang a poster or a painting of dogs playing poker. In addition, you should not forget that neon light sign and hang classic poker posters from movies.


Log Cabin or Rustic Bar: These types of basement bar ideas are perfect for those who love the outdoors and nature. Provide common oak stools and use the rough-edged lacquered wood that can give the traditional warmth and rustic ambiance. Stick with the greens, browns, and grays in order for your bar to mimic the shades found in nature; a hunting aficionado may even add a pelt rug or the traditional mounted deer head or antlers hung on the wall. You could also add a false rock face outside the bar.


These are but a few basement bar ideas that you can create in your basement. There are lots more that you can chose to create and you can even build a one-of-a-kind basement bar yourself. Finding the right typical features, its purpose, and functionality of a basement bar are very essential in order to have that enjoyable and comfortable drinks with friend and family.


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