Theme Ideas for Basement Bars

Basement Bars

Basement Bars

Like theme ideas for a house, theme ideas for basement bars are virtually limitless. Theme ideas can go as far as your imagination takes you. However, the endless possibilities of theme ideas can be overwhelming at times. If you find yourself at a loss over your number of options, here is a trimmed down list of options. The theme ideas below are some of the most popular and charming.


Sports bar. This is by far the most popular theme for basement bars and is a hit among males. If you want this type of look for your basement bar, you need to decorate the entire space with anything sporty. Vintage photos of athletes and sports events can make a huge statement. Baseball caps and bats adorning the wall will also create that sporty vibe. Oh, and don’t forget propping up a big television set, so you can watch a football match or basketball game while having a drink with some of your best buddies.


Coffee bar. This works perfectly if you want to veer away from the normal alcohol-oriented bar idea. A coffee bar can be your hideout if you want to stay awake late into the night. Of course if you want this as a theme, your alcohol implements must be replaced with coffee implements. So goodbye ice bucket and hello espresso machine!


Wine bar. This theme calls for a sophisticated appeal, as wine itself is considered a sophisticated drink. So pay particular attention to your furniture and furnishings. They must have that classy vibe and elegant look. Needless to say, wine bar is an expensive idea to work on mainly because of the classiness of this theme. But coffee bar-themed basement bars are certainly beautiful.


There are basically two important things you have to consider when choosing a theme for basement bars. One is its workability. Given your space and budget, will you be able to pull off your chosen theme? Two is the resale value. How will your chosen theme increase the value of your property? Because you won’t know your house’s potential buyers until you put your house on sale, you have no way of knowing what theme will appeal to them. To be on the safe side, choose a theme that will meet the taste of most homebuyers.



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